About the institute

Since Jung developed the comprehension of the participation of the unconscious in all human history and development, both in its individual aspects and in its social, universal and spiritual aspects, we believe it's fundamental that the theory developed by Jung is offered to those who have a vocation to these studies and also for those who wish to start the building of this knowledge.


Disseminate the knowledge of Analytical Psychology .


Education and training in Jungian methodology aiming the comprehension of its instrumental for improving psychophysical, social and educational health.


Description of what is offered by Ânima Institute:

A classroom containing 50 seats, air conditioning, 52 inch LCD TV set, home theater and data show;
Art therapy atelier for various drawing and painting methods or for any other expressions of the unconscious contents;
Sandbox method with a wide collection of miniatures;
Secretary's office;
Gardens for studies and group work.

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